Who We Are

“PFM was established to provide a home grown solution to the lack of capital available for Saskatchewan businesses, aiming to provide companies with the capital required to execute their strategic goals while adding long-term value to the benefit of all stakeholders. Our experience, combined with rigorous due diligence and monitoring standards, has established a strong track record of investment performance and deal flow focused on growth capital, management buyout and expansion financing transactions. We hold all of our partners and investees in the highest regard and personally invest in all of the funds that we manage. We make it a point to align our interests with those of our partners and are committed to building mutually-beneficial relationships.”

– Randy Beattie, President, PFM Capital Inc.


PFM Capital is an employee-owned investment management firm.

Founded in 1989 as a corporate finance company, PFM has been managing private equity and venture capital funds since 1993.

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Billion in capital raised


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Experienced management teams + rigorous due diligence & monitoring standards.

PFM has a strong track record of steady high-quality deal flow and investment management, providing strong returns to the firm’s investors.


PFM Capital invests in mid-market businesses, with the objective of achieving long-term capital appreciation. By strategically focusing on both yield and growth, we are able to structure our investments in a way that suits both our investors and our portfolio companies. We use a broad range of securities, from common equity to subordinated debt, which ensures that our investees are able to grow and execute on their business plan without ever impeding the balance sheet.



A significant number of our target industries, such as:

  • Industrials + Manufacturing
  • Mining Services
  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Oil & Gas Services

Are growth focused industries that tend to rely on equity injections for expansion opportunities. These opportunities create strong growth in the portfolio company.



We build portfolios of private companies that can generate yield for our investors over the life of their investment.

By targeting established mid-market companies in a variety of sectors we are able to take advantage of existing cash flow in those companies to fund distributions to our shareholder, where appropriate.

Our investment portfolio is constantly being targeted toward different sectors to provide yield for our investors.


Investment Activity Since Inception (As at March 31, 2024)


Energy (E&P)

Energy (Services & Midstream)

Value-Added Ag

Real Estate


As at March 31 2024, PFM had:

Over $1,208 million of capital raised.

Invested $1,143 million in 143 portfolio companies.

Our Typical Investment

At PFM we are able to structure our transactions using a variety of instruments and ownership stakes to match the needs of our investee companies. While our flexibility allows us to invest in a wide range of companies and industries our business partners typically exhibit the following attributes:

  • Well aligned experienced management teams,
  • Market segments with growth potential,
  • 5-8 year investment timeframe,
  • A clear identifiable exit opportunity,
  • EBITDA of $3 – $10 MM and/or enterprise value of $15 – $75 MM.

If a company matches our investment criteria we would typically invest $5 – $25 MM in a single financing. We will invest more or less than our typical transaction amount depending on the circumstances of the particular investment opportunity.

Featured Investments

Sexton Family of Companies


The Sexton Family of Companies is an integrated distribution, buying group and transportation business in the building materials industry. Founded by Ken Sexton in 1967, the company has grown over the years through strategic acquisitions and organic growth, expanding across Western Canada. Today, the Sexton Family of Companies is widely recognized for its innovative and customer-centric approach, as well as its unwavering commitment to quality. The sexton Family of Companies comprises five main businesses, each with its unique strengths and capabilities. Kenroc Building Materials is a leading supplier of construction materials, including drywall, insulation, steel studs, and ceiling systems, serving the construction sector with a focus on the Western Canada market. Tage Davidsen is a gypsum dealer, offering high-quality products and solutions to the construction industry in Calgary and the surrounding area. Builders Choice specializes in providing tools, hardware, and accessories for specialized trade contractors, complementing the products from Kenroc Building Materials and Tage Davidsen. Sexton Transport is a long-haul trucking company that provides transportation and delivery services through Canada to various customers in the building material space. Finally, the Sexton Group is a buying group that arranges bulk purchases of building products for its members throughout Canada, including building materials dealers, hardware retailers, specialty dealers, and manufactured structure specialists. Together, these businesses form a unique and dynamic company that enables the Sexton Family of Companies to serve the needs of customers across various sectors, positioning it for continued growth and success.


Consumer Discretionary

Founded in 2008, Surface Hair develops and sells a complete portfolio of high-performance hair care products for salons and stylists. Surface Hair carries over 200 products, comprised of shampoo and conditioner, styling products, oil treatment and coloring products. Inspired by salon owner and international hair stylist Wayne Grund, Surface was founded on the principle of respecting personal health and the Earth. Surface Hair offers a culture of education, guest service and technical expertise.

Woodland Development Corp

Energy (E&P)

Woodland Development Corp. became a portfolio company in March 2023, when Funds managed by PFM were lead investors in a syndicated financing arrangement. The financing was completed to fund an asset acquisition in SE Saskatchewan from an intermediate oil and gas producer. They have an enviable management team with extensive experience throughout southeast Saskatchewan and beyond. The Fund Manager believes the investment offers a good risk-adjusted return based on the strength of the management team, attractive entry price, and industry and asset fundamentals.

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